Plains Game Gallery

Various plains game trophy animals are available to hunt and all hunting camps, however, you should keep in mind that certain species are better to hunt in certain areas of Namibia and or South Africa. Trophies fees or varies from camp to camp. We have attempted to give you a spectrum of prices to give you a feel of what to expect when setting up your wish list of the animals you would like to harvest. Once we have received more info about your wish list we shall provide you with advise on the best camps for the best trophies for your safari needs and we will then send you a final booking estimate with final trophy fees.

The prices indicated below are therefore only to be used as a guideline.

Back Wildebeest

It is smaller than its "blue" cousin. Is generally referred to as the black  wildebeest and its natural habitat is the highveld and Namibia plains. Height at shoulder: approx. 47.2 inches, Weight: approx. 396pounds, Age: up to 20 years.Lenght of horns: Up to 26.8 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $1350-$1400

  • 74AAABlack wildebeest3
  • Black WildeBeest01
  • Black WildeBeest03
  • Black WildeBeest04
  • Black WildeBeest05
  • Black WildeBeest06
  • Black WildeBeest07
  • Black WildeBeest08
  • Black WildeBeest09
  • Black WildeBeest10
  • Black WildeBeest11
  • Black WildeBeest12
  • Black WildeBeest13
  • Black WildeBeest14
  • Black WildeBeest15
  • Black WildeBeest16
  • Black WildeBeest18
  • Black WildeBeest19
  • Black WildeBeest20
  • Black WildeBeest21
  • Black WildeBeest22
  • Black WildeBeest23
  • Black WildeBeest24
  • black wildebeest1


Looks very similar to the Bontebok, but it  is smaller, has a lighter coat and is more  prolific.  Both sexes bear horns. Height at shoulder: approx. 37.4 inches, Weight: approx. 176pounds , Age: up to  9 years.Lenght of horns: Up to 20 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $550-$700

  • 108AAABlesbuck4
  • 51AAAblesbuck3
  • 6AAABlesbuck2
  • Blesbuck Hunt01
  • Blesbuck Hunt02
  • Blesbuck Hunt04
  • Blesbuck Hunt05
  • Blesbuck Hunt06
  • Blesbuck Hunt10
  • Blesbuck Hunt11
  • Blesbuck Hunt14
  • Blesbuck Hunt15
  • Blesbuck Hunt18
  • Blesbuck Hunt19

Blue Wildebeest

Also known as black-tailed gnu, it is ox-like in build and has buffalo shaped horns. It lives in herds and is often seen with Zebras, Impalas and Giraffe. Height at shoulder: approx. 53inches, Weight: approx. 550 pounds, Age: up to  20 years.Length of horns: Up to 32.7 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $1350-$1400

  • 80AAABlue Wildebeest2
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt01
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt02
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt03
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt04
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt05
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt06
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt07
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt08
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt09
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt11
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt12
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt14
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt18
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt19
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt20
  • Blue WildeBeest Hunt21


It was named after its characteristically colored coat. It was applied by the Dutch settlers  and means "pied" or "variegated" buck. It nearly became extinct  and is at home only in the  South Western Cape. Both sexes bear horns. Height at shoulder: approx. 35.5 inches, Weight: approx. 140pounds, Age: up  to 8 yearsLenght of horns: Up to 16.9 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $2600-$2900


Is easily recognized by its white collar and it is at home in thick bush and close to water.It is aggressive, brave and quite dangerous. It will tackle leopard, dogs and even human beings. Height at shoulder: approx. 31.5 inches, Weight: approx. 119 pounds,Age: up to 9  years. Length of horns: Up to 21.7 inches

Trophy Fees: From $900-$1300

  • 14AAABushbuck1
  • Bush Buck Hunt01
  • Bush Buck Hunt02

Bush Pig

Looks similar to its domesticated cousin and lives in groups of 5  to 20 in thick bush, woodland or forests. It is aggressive and known to have  attacked human beings with serious consequences. Height at shoulder: approx. 31.5 inches, Weight: 120-150 pounds,Age: up to 20 years.

Trophy Fees: From $750-$800

Cats and other Nocturnal Species

Includes Caracal, Genet, Civet, Seval, Honey Badger

  • 111AAASewrval1
  • 59AAAWildcat1
  • Exotic Cats Hunt04
  • Exotic Cats Hunt05


Also known as black-tailed gnu, it is ox-like in build and has buffalo shaped horns.It lives in herds and is often seen with Zebras, Impalas and Giraffe. Height at shoulder: approx. 53.2 inches, Weight: approx. 550pounds, Age: up to  20 years. Length of horns: Up to 32.7 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $350-$500

  • 97AAADuiker1
  • Duiker Hunt01
  • Duiker Hunt03

Cape Eland

Both male and female bear horns, the bulls being massive and short, the cow's being elongated and slender. They live in herds of up to 60. They can leap  remarkably high, up to 2.6 yards. Height at shoulder: approx. 67inches, Weight: approx. 1430 pounds, Age: up to 12 years. Length of horns: Up to 43  inches.    

Trophy Fees: From $2400-$2600

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  • 43AAAEland5
  • 48AAAEland2
  • 56AAAEland5
  • Eland Hunt01
  • Eland Hunt02
  • Eland Hunt03
  • Eland Hunt04
  • Eland Hunt05
  • Eland Hunt06
  • Eland Hunt07
  • Eland Hunt08
  • Eland Hunt10
  • Eland Hunt11
  • Eland Hunt13
  • Eland Hunt14
  • Eland Hunt15
  • Eland Hunt16
  • Eland1


Both of the sexes bear horns, those of the cow being longer and slimmer. They live in herds of up to 40 animals and   can survive without water for long periods. Wounded animals can be dangerous. Height at shoulder: approx. 47inches, Weight: approx. 440pounds, Age: up to 19 years. Lenght of horns: Up to 48 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $800-$1250

  • 31AAAGemsbuck5
  • 42AAAgemsbuck4
  • 4AAAoryx2
  • 78AAADSC_1013
  • 91AAAGemsbuck7
  • Gemsbuck Hunt01
  • Gemsbuck Hunt02
  • Gemsbuck Hunt03
  • Gemsbuck Hunt04
  • Gemsbuck Hunt05
  • Gemsbuck Hunt06
  • Gemsbuck Hunt07
  • Gemsbuck Hunt08
  • Gemsbuck Hunt11
  • Gemsbuck Hunt12
  • Gemsbuck Hunt13
  • Gemsbuck Hunt14
  • Gemsbuck Hunt15
  • Gemsbuck Hunt16
  • Gemsbuck Hunt19
  • Gemsbuck Hunt20
  • Gemsbuck Hunt23
  • Gemsbuck Hunt24
  • Gemsbuck Hunt34
  • Gemsbuck Hunt35
  • Gemsbuck Hunt36
  • Gemsbuck Hunt40
  • Gemsbuck Hunt41


Africans believe the giraffe to be a mixture of a camel and a leopard! Height at shoulder: approx. 217 inches, Weight: approx. 3300pounds, Age: up to 28 years,Speed: 30-35 mph.

Trophy Fees: From $3000-$3800   

  • 28AAAGiraffe1
  • Giraffe Hunt01
  • Giraffe Hunt02
  • Giraffe Hunt03
  • Giraffe Hunt04
  • Giraffe Hunt05
  • Giraffe Hunt06
  • Giraffe Hunt07
  • Giraffe Hunt08
  • Giraffe Hunt09


The Impala is the most prolific antelope in South Africa. Only the ram bears horns. Height at shoulder: approx. 35.5 inches. Weight: approx. 143 pounds, Age: up to 9 years. Length of horns: Up to 25.6 inches.

Trophy fee: From $500 -$700

  • 100AAAImpala2
  • 3AAAImpala5
  • 66AAAImpala7
  • 68AAAImpala1
  • Impala Hunt01
  • Impala Hunt02
  • Impala Hunt03
  • Impala Hunt04
  • Impala Hunt06
  • Impala Hunt07
  • Impala Hunt08
  • Impala Hunt09
  • Impala Hunt10
  • Impala Hunt11
  • Impala Hunt12
  • Impala Hunt13
  • Impala Hunt14
  • Impala Hunt15
  • Impala Hunt17
  • Impala Hunt18
  • Impala Hunt19
  • Impala Hunt20
  • Impala Hunt21
  • Impala Hunt23
  • Impala Hunt25
  • Impala Hunt28
  • Impala Hunt31
  • Impala4


Lives only on rocky hills and mountains. Generally lives in groups and is both a grazer and browser. Height at shoulder: approx. 23.6 inches, Weight: approx. 35.2pounds, Age: up to 8 years. Length of horns: Up to 6.3 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $1500-$2500

  • Klipspringer Hunt01
  • Klipspringer Hunt02
  • Klipspringer Hunt03
  • Klipspringer Hunt04

Kudu Greater

Kudu (the Grey Gost) is one of the most beautiful species in the world. The magnificent  horns, borne only by the males, are spread in beautiful open spirals. They live in  small herds. Height at shoulder is approximately 59 inches, Weight: 660pounds, Age: up to 11 years.Length of horns: Up to 70 inches. Anything over 48 inches is a good trophy.

Trophy Fees: From $1600-$3500

  • 11AAAKudu1
  • 18AAAkudu6
  • 27AAAKudu3
  • 40AAAkudu4
  • 53AAAkudu9
  • Kudu Hunt01
  • Kudu Hunt03
  • Kudu Hunt04
  • Kudu Hunt05
  • Kudu Hunt06
  • Kudu Hunt07
  • Kudu Hunt08
  • Kudu Hunt09
  • Kudu Hunt10
  • Kudu Hunt11
  • Kudu Hunt12
  • Kudu Hunt14
  • Kudu Hunt15
  • Kudu Hunt17
  • Kudu Hunt18
  • Kudu Hunt19
  • Kudu Hunt20
  • Kudu Hunt21
  • Kudu Hunt22
  • Kudu Hunt24
  • Kudu Hunt25
  • Kudu Hunt26
  • Kudu Hunt27
  • Kudu Hunt29
  • Kudu Hunt30
  • Kudu Hunt31
  • Kudu Hunt33
  • Kudu Hunt35
  • Kudu Hunt36
  • Kudu Hunt39
  • Kudu Hunt41
  • Kudu Hunt42
  • Kudu Hunt43
  • Kudu Hunt44
  • Kudu Hunt46
  • Kudu Hunt48
  • Kudu Hunt51
  • Kudu Hunt55

Mountain Reedbuck

Is at home in mountainous regions and lives in small groups. It is smaller  and shyer than the Reedbuck. Only the ram bears horns. Height at shoulder: approx. 9.5 inches, Weight: approx. 55pounds, Age: up  to 8 years. Length of horns: Up to 9 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $850-$1250

  • Mountain Reedbuck Hunt02


As its name denotes it is at home in areas rich in reeds. But it does not like  to go into water. It can be recognized by a characteristic whistle. Only the ram  bears horns. Height at shoulder: approx. 35.5inches , Weight: approx. 154 pounds,Age: up to  9 years. Length of horns: Up to 18 inches

Trophy Fees: From $1450

Grey Rhebuck

Lives in larger groups, is small, aggressive and bravely defends its territory. Height at shoulder: approx. 29.5 inches, Weight: approx. 48.4pounds, Age: up  to 9 years, Length of horns: Up to 11.5 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $1500-$1700

Red Hartebeest

Is also known as the red hartebeest. Both sexes bear horns. They have a  docile appearance but are extremely fast runners who can maintain their pace for  long distances. Height at shoulder: approx. 51inches, Weight: approx. 352pounds, Age: up to 20 years, Speed: 65km/h. Length of horns: Up to 26.5 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $800-$1250

  • 117AAARed hartebeest8
  • 83AAARedhartebees1
  • 98AAARedhartebeest2
  • DSC_1024
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt01
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt10
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt11
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt12
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt13
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt14
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt15
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt16
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt17
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt18
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt19
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt20
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt21
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt22
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt23
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt24
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt25
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt26
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt27
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt28
  • Red Hartebeest Hunt29
  • Red hartebeest3


This is the national animal of South Africa. It has an amazing ability to jump vertically as high as 3m and horizontally   as far as 5m. Both sexes bear horns. Height at shoulder: approx. 29.5inches, Weight: approx. 77pounds, Age: up to 10 years, Length of horns: Up to 18.9 inches.

Trophy Fees:  Kalahari or Common SB: From $400-$650              Copper,Black and White SB- POR

  • 23AAASpringbuck2
  • 38AAASpringbuck3
  • 50AAASpringbuck5
  • Springbuck Hunt06
  • Springbuck Hunt07
  • Springbuck Hunt10
  • Springbuck Hunt11
  • Springbuck Hunt12
  • Springbuck Hunt13
  • Springbuck Hunt14
  • Springbuck Hunt15
  • Springbuck Hunt16
  • Springbuck Hunt17
  • Springbuck Hunt19
  • Springbuck Hunt20
  • Springbuck Hunt21
  • Springbuck Hunt22
  • Springbuck Hunt23
  • Springbuck Hunt24
  • Springbuck Hunt25
  • Springbuck Hunt26
  • Springbuck Hunt27
  • Springbuck Hunt29
  • Springbuck Hunt32
  • Springbuck Hunt34
  • Springbuck Hunt36
  • Springbuck Hunt37
  • Springbuck Hunt38


Lives in pairs, but only the buck bears horns. Its habitat is the steppe and open woodland. Needs very little water and is active during the day. Height at shoulder: approx. 19.7 imches, Weight: approx. 26.5 pounds, Age: up to 6 years. Length of horns: Up to 7.1 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $350-$500

  • 45AAASteenbuck1
  • Steenbuck Hunt01
  • Steenbuck Hunt02
  • Steenbuck Hunt04
  • Steenbuck Hunt05
  • Steenbuck Hunt06
  • Steenbuck Hunt07


It has a disproportionately large head compared to the rest of the body. The female has two and the male has four warts on either side of the head. When they trot along they hold their tails upright like antennae. When they feed they often go down on their knees, as if praying for their meal.Height at shoulder: approx. 75cm, Weight: 200-220 pounds, Age: up to 20 years, Speed.

Trophy Fees: From $400-$750 

  • 52AAAWarthog5
  • 63AAAWarthhog7
  • 85AAAWarthog3
  • 8AAAwarthog6
  • 9AAAWarthog1
  • Warthog Hunt01
  • Warthog Hunt02
  • Warthog Hunt03
  • Warthog Hunt04
  • Warthog Hunt05
  • Warthog Hunt06
  • Warthog Hunt07
  • Warthog Hunt08
  • Warthog Hunt09
  • Warthog Hunt11
  • Warthog Hunt12
  • Warthog Hunt13
  • Warthog Hunt14
  • Warthog Hunt15
  • Warthog Hunt16
  • Warthog Hunt18
  • Warthog Hunt19
  • Warthog Hunt20
  • Warthog Hunt21
  • Warthog Hunt22
  • Warthog Hunt23
  • Warthog Hunt24
  • Warthog8


It is a stately looking beast with well ringed horns, borne by males only.Generally found close to water and bears a peculiar white marking on its rump  that would suggest that the prototype waterbuck sat on a freshly painted toilet seat. Height at shoulder: approx. 51.2 inches, Weight: approx. 550pounds, Age: up to 12 years.Lenght of horns: Up to 39 inches.

Trophy Fees: From $2500-$3000

  • 22AAAWaterbuck3
  • 79AAAWaterbuck1
  • Waterbuck Hunt01
  • Waterbuck Hunt02
  • Waterbuck Hunt03
  • Waterbuck Hunt04
  • Waterbuck Hunt07
  • Waterbuck Hunt08
  • Waterbuck Hunt09
  • Waterbuck Hunt10
  • Waterbuck Hunt11
  • Waterbuck Hunt12
  • Waterbuck Hunt13
  • Waterbuck Hunt14

Zebra Burchell

Its coat pattern can vary greatly in number and width of stripes. The stripes  are a form of disruptive  coloration which breaks up  the outline of the body. At dawn or in the evening, when their predators  are most active, zebras look  indistinct and may confuse predators by distorting distance. Their shiny coats  dissipate over 70% of incoming heat.Height at shoulder: approx. 53.5inches, Weight: approx. 700 pounds, Age: up to 35 years, Speed: 38 mph.

Trophy Fees: From $1300-$1400

Hartman Zebra

The mountain zebra is not a s common as Burchell´s zebra nor does it  have "shadow" stripes. It is smaller, has longer ears and no stripes on its belly. Height at shoulder: approx. 47.2inches, Weight: 660pounds, Age: up to 35 years, Speed: 40.5mph.

Trophy Fees: From $1300-$1400

  • 121AAAZebra1
  • 19AAAzebra3
  • 34AAAZebra2
  • 5AAADSC00018
  • 70AAAZebra4
  • VanMeter2
  • Zebra Hunt01
  • Zebra Hunt03
  • Zebra Hunt05
  • Zebra Hunt07
  • Zebra Hunt08
  • Zebra Hunt09
  • Zebra Hunt10
  • Zebra Hunt11
  • Zebra Hunt12
  • Zebra Hunt13
  • Zebra Hunt15
  • Zebra Hunt16
  • Zebra Hunt17
  • Zebra Hunt19
  • Zebra Hunt20
  • Zebra Hunt32
  • Zebra Hunt33
  • Zebra Hunt34
  • Zebra Hunt35
  • Zebra Hunt36
  • Zebra Hunt37
  • Zebra Hunt38