Ancient predator...

Croc are opportunistic killers. In Africa alone there are several hundred crocodile attacks on humans per year, between a third to half of which are fatal.

Not to be confused with your standard alligator!


Around 240 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, the earth looked pretty different. It was a time when dinosaurs roamed freely and crocodiles coexisted alongside them. In fact, crocodiles are one of the only animals that are thought to have survived the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaur population. They survived the mass extinction and thrived for hundreds of millions of years to come. Therefore, it’s safe to say, their history on earth is a long and mysterious one! 

Crocodiles are found in almost all of the large rivers of Africa, and are excellent hunters. The specie is most definitely reminiscent of prehistoric times. The trophy crocodile may reach a length of about 15 feet and may be as old as 75 to 100 years of age.

While a crocodile appears to be lazy and lethargic as he basks on the riverbank, you should not be fooled. It a shy, wary, and cautious creature. Unlike most people believe, a crocodile is extremely difficult to approach on foot to within a reasonable shooting distance.



The first shot on the croc must be carefully placed to paralyze it. Precision shooting is therefore required. If the crocodile manages to retreat to the water, you have a good chance of loosing your trophy. Only two shots are effective in anchoring your croc; a shot placed into his golf-ball sized brain or one that hits the spinal column just behind the head.

A crocodile is best hunted from a blind and shot from a solid rest in the prone position. His tough hide and the extremely hard bone encasing the brain calls for a rifle of at least .338 caliber or larger. It is recommended to use expansion soft point bullets.

Rifles larger than .375 caliber should be avoided, as the recoil from such a weapon shooting from the prone position can be brutal, and thus accurate shot placement becomes an issue. Without question, a quality scope of a least 4-power is also essential.

Hunting the trophy crocodile can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Please note that judging the size of a crocodile at a distance can be deceiving!


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