Dangerous game hunting is not just about the Big 5…what it really means is to undertake a journey into unexplored places, a journey filled with new treasures and adventure! All dangerous game safaris are exciting and challenging hunts and yes, the thrill of a lifetime!

Dangerous Game species available to hunt include the dangerous seven: Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Hippo and Crocodile.

Elephant and Cape Buffalo are generally hunt on foot and most of the time involves lots of tracking and walking. Lion can be hunted either by using the baiting method, or by the tracking method. Leopard are hunted on bait or with dogs. It is exciting and a true mind game, trying to outwit this incredibly smart cunning predator. Rhinos are rarely hunted due to price and conservation, but when it is done, it is on foot, tracking and stalking the rhinos. Hippo and Crocodile are mostly done by stalking and hunting from the shores of a river or lake. Hippo can be hunted early mornings on foot and on land as they graze early morning on the river banks but it is difficult to judge the trophy size, and therefore require lots of patients. Crocodiles on the other hand are very smart and aware of the surroundings, especially the old big crocodiles. Both hippo and crocodile can be added on to any other hunt booked and it would be advisable to add at least 5 days per.

The vast free ranging areas in which the hunts are conducted can range from mountains, to rivers, to plains with thick brush and sometimes sandy plains. Regardless of the area or specific animal, our safari hunts are always an exciting adventure.

We take great care in the planning each of these hunts which we conducted by trained and experienced professional hunters who are familiar with the hunting areas and who has the necessary qualifications to pursue these dangerous game hunts in Africa.


The price tag on a dangerous game hunt varies and is basically dependent on the following factors which are always taken into consideration:

  • The country and specific hunting areas
  • Availability & quality of trophy animals
  • Length of the hunt
  • Accommodation and travel arrangements
  • Method of hunt
  • Trophy Quality

All the above factors will be discussed with the client during the booking process.

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