Numerous Plains Game Species are available to hunt, and availability varies from one hunting area to the next, so please feel free to ask! We have attempted to give you a spectrum of prices to give you a feel of what to expect when setting up your wish list of the animals you would like to harvest.

Please also note that we offer exceptional Kudu, Oryx, Waterbuck and Exotic Species on request! Largest Kudu harvested was 64″, Waterbuck 35”, Gemsbuck 47”.

We specialize in Rifle and Bow hunting and promote ethical hunts with proper permits and licenses in place. Our well experienced and respected Professional Hunters, are all members of the specific countries professional hunters associations for example PHASA (Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa) and NAPHA (Namibian Professional Hunter’s Association). They are professional, courteous and there is no doubt that your PH will become one of your best friends. We guarantee you will enjoy every moment of your hunt…!

You should keep in mind that some species are better to hunt in certain areas due to their natural habitat. Trophy fees also vary from camp to camp. Once we have received more info about your wish list we shall provide you with advice on the best areas and camps for the best trophies. 

Most of our plains game hunts are conducted either in Namibia or in South Africa on privately owned hunting ranches with a combined area of more that 1,000,000 acres of prestige hunting grounds


Your day will begin with breakfast and coffee, just before sunrise. Your hunt starts by heading out with your PH and hunting vehicle to the hunting area. Depending on the specific terrain, most hunts are done on a “spot and stalk basis” . Once potential trophies are spotted, you will get off the vehicle and commence your stalk…

Private hunting ranches and government concessions offer world class hunting experiences for plains game and exotic species. Conservation and proper game management is paramount to ensure top quality trophy animals, self sustaining quantities, and healthy breeding environments.

A stalk can take anything from ten minutes up to three or four hours. The PH with the help of a tracker will guide you.  Once desired game is spotted, the PH will instruct you on how you will approach. He will then identify one or several possible trophy animals. Once you are close enough, the PH will identify an animal that will qualify for the high standard of trophies that we set for our clients. The PH will then endeavor to get you in the best possible shooting position. Shots are taken from shooting sticks, branches, termite hills or whatever the best comfortable position is at the time. Shots are usually taken from 30 to 180 yards, depending on the circumstances. The PH will make it clear that you should only take the shot of you are ready and comfortable to take it. No client is ever pressured into taking a shot.

When an animal has been harvested, the client will get the opportunity to take pictures and enjoy the moment. In mean time, the hunting vehicle will be recovered and the trophy will then be taken to our slaughtering facilities where the field dressing procedure shall begin. Skinning or caping of your trophy will be done according to your instructions and you can rest assured, salting of skins and field preparations skulls and horns will be done carefully and according to the book.

You will hunt until about noon, when the day gets too hot for you and the animals to continue hunting. We will head back to the hunting lodge for a well deserved light brunch and a short afternoon snooze or siesta. Alternatively you can lounge around the pool or relax in camp.

Afternoon coffee will be served after which you will commence the afternoon hunt. This takes on the same form as in the morning hunt.

You will hunt until the sun sets on the African skies.  After the days hunting we will get out an ice cold beverage for you to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

When night falls, we will take you get back to the lodge where you can enjoy a hot shower in your en-suite bathroom and join us around the campfire for a few drinks, after which dinner is served in the hunting lodge. Enjoy some of the wonderful local cuisine and great South African wines while reminiscing about the day’s adventures.

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