Unless otherwise instructed by you, you can rest assured that our quality approved taxidermist shall take care of your valuable trophies. We strongly recommend Splitting Image Taxidermy located in South Africa to prepare and mount your trophies. Whether you hunt in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia or Mozambique, Cape to Cairo together with our preferred taxidermists will coordinate the process collecting the skins and horns of your valuable trophies and transporting it to the appropriate taxidermy facility. Depending on time constraints and/or if requested by you, we can usually include a visit to the applicable taxidermy facility that will take care of your valuable trophy mounts or any other taxidermy needs. We have procedures in place and as long as everyone payments are on time and the procedures are followed, you should have your trophies mounted in less than 12 months from the date your deposit was received, and you should receive your trophies in the USA 1 month later.

Splitting Image Taxidermy offer you state-of-the art technology, superb craftsmanship and service excellence. With many years of experience in African game taxidermy, they are best equipped to transfer your hunting endeavors into beautiful mounts. From sculpting and modeling new poses to the manufacture of customized forms, tanning of the skins to the finished heads-our taxidermists’ designs are truly unique. Every aspect of trophy preparation, inclusive of crating, documentation and delivery right to your doorstep is closely monitored and facilitated by Cape to Cairo Safari.

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