Namibia:Outpost Camp




The Kalahari Desert…          A place of solitude and romance…stretching across Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, the 360,000 square miles of vast fossil desert lands make up what is known as the Kalahari Desert.

The name “OUTPOST” derives from the Tswana word meaning “great thirst”. Most of the desert is not considered true desert, due to the amount of rainfall the area receives. Although huge tracts of land provide excellent grazing areas after good rains, there is still a great deal of the desert that remains arid and covered by vast expanses of red sand.

Despite the arid climate and desolate landscape, the Kalahari Desert is dotted with many different species of plant life. The abundant, native acacia trees can be found throughout and various grasses provide sustenance for the desert-adapted wildlife. Remarkable, large nests of weaver birds can be found in the camelthorn trees. 

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