Namibia:Moltkeblick Mountains Camp



Connect with the rhythm of Africa while you hunt amongst thousands of Acacia trees in the tranquil Namibian savanna, or climb the beautiful Moltkeblick Mountain and enjoy panoramic views over the unspoiled African veldt. Discover the unparalleled enchantment of Africa! 


The Moltkeblick Mountains Concession is situated in in the central region of Namibia, and located adjacent to Namibia’s capital, Windhoek. Amongst these Moltkeblick rolling mountains lies a magnificent prime trophy hunting territory.

A jewel to be discovered by the enthusiastic hunter! This concession covers a total are in excess of 53,000 acres and mountains stands at 8,136 feet above sea level, a landmark pointing the way to the start of an exciting adventure in Namibia!


Over 53,000 acres of spectacular mountainous hunting! African plains game occur in abundance, including but not limited to Oryx, Kudu, Hartman Zebra, Burchell Zebra, Blesbuck, Hartebees, Warthog, eland, Giraffe, Baboon and Blue and Black Wildebeest- not to mention huge Waterbuck!

Numerous smaller game and a wealth of birdlife also observed .all hunting is fair chase and will be done by stalking on foot in combination with a 4×4 vehicle.The Moltkeblick mountains in Namibia is the perfect place where you can legally hunt the Hartmann’s Zebra in its natural habitat.

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