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Why is it less expensive to do shoulder, pedestal and full mounts in Africa than in the USA?

A. The costs of having the actual mounts done in Africa versus doing it in the USA at a good USA taxidermy is not much. Your savings by doing it in Africa can be demonstrated by the following freight cost examples: (Note that costs are hypothetical and also reflects the opinion of Cape to Cairo).

AIR AND SEA-FREIGHT CALCULATIONS FOR SHIPMENTS FROM NAMIBIA: The figures below are merely for our customers to get a good idea of what the costs are to ship mounted trophies from Windhoek Namibia to the USA or Canada. Costs may fluctuate from time to time as we are dealing with 3rd party service providers such as airlines and freight companies.


Cost for Dipping, Packing and Air Freighting skins, skulls & horns to your Taxidermist of choice in the USA:

We normally lean towards airfreight on dipped and packed trophies for all shipments less than 500 Kilograms (Kg). Prices are quoted to your closest Fish and Wildlife Port in USA. Custom clearance and road delivery to your taxidermist is excluded and for your own pocket. Included in the estimate below are insurance costs at 1.5% of value of trophies (including transport costs and Tax) – Note that there is a 10% excess on insurance claims.

Airfreight Costs can be broken down by weight:

  • <100Kg = $1,700  (6 Animals – Zebra, Kudu, Gemsbuck, Baboon, Klipspringer, Steenbuck)

  1. >100Kg and <300Kg = $3,900
  2. >300Kg and <500Kg = $5,700
  3. > 500Kg – Sea freight. (See Below)

Customs Clearance for 6 Animals is approximately $400. Packing costs is roughly = $200. Road transfer of your dipped trophies to your taxidermy in US (50 miles) = $400 at best. It will therefore cost you approximately ($1,700 + $400 +  $200 + $400) = $2,700 for 6 animals or roughly  an average of $450 per animal to get it to your taxidermy in the USA. This does not include the dipping and packing costs.

Dipping costs is roughly $175/animal. Thus, Dipping and Packing, Customs Clearance, Shipping(airfreight) and road transportation to your taxidermy roughly works out to $625/animal.

NOTE! Keep in mind that on top of your US Taxidermy Bill it will cost you $70/mount for packing your finished mounts and $80/ mount for shipping of your Trophy from the US Taxidermy to your house.


Example of costs for sea-freight of completed shoulder mount trophies. Total Combed Freight  > 500Kg

2.Weight and Volumetric Weight determine sea freight costs. Most vessels go to NY/NJ. Below we will show the cost of shipping your goods when sharing a container with other customers which have also hunted in Namibia. (There are various hunter’s trophies in packed in one container). We also added cost of road transfer of trophies from NY to Dallas TX.

The following example is based on:

  • Mounted animals (4 to 6 animals per hunter.)

  1. Volumetric Weight = 400Kg and actual Weight = 200Kg.
  2. 1 Cites permit per hunter incl.(Class H).
  3. The estimate below includes sea freight from Namibia to Port of NY, road transfer of trophies to the state of TX and Customs clearance in the USA. (We did not include costs for any inspections by Fish and Wildlife and/or Customs).

Please note there is always a chance that your trophy shipments may be stopped for inspection and those cost will be for your own pocket.

Costs for crating of mounted trophies, shipping by sea freight to NY, customs clearance, USA inland freight in with delivery to your doorstep roughly works out to between $300 to $480/trophy.   The cost of your Namibia taxidermy work is not included. 

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