Zimbabwe: West Nicholson




West Nicholson is named after Andy Nicholson, an early prospector who entered the country with the Pioneer Collumn and was responsible for mining exploration in the area. 

West Nicholson is located about halfway between Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo, and the border town to South Africa, Beitbridge, along the main road and rail link to South Africa. I is also located in the  province of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe.


Renowned for its big leopard and comprises of impressive bushveld and granite hills. The area delivers big Tom leopards with various plains game opportunities including wildebeest, impala, waterbuck, zebra and eland.

The hunting camps we use are comfortable and true Zimbabwe style with comfortable chalets and lounge/dining areas.  The leopards roam various Live Stock areas and and have plenty of food around, hence the big Tom’s.

A 14 day leopard hunts on bait costs around $25,000. Hounds will add another $6,500.  (Transfer fees not included).

The camps are comfortable and has all the facilities that you can expect from nice camp in Zimbabwe. Big cats from 170 to 200 lbs can be expected.

The area  also offers Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Impala,Giraffe, Zebra, Steenbok, Duiker, Sharpes Grysbok, Klipspringer, Bushpig, Warthog, Livingston’s Eland, Baboon and there are nocturnal species incl. Honey Badger , Civet cat, Serval Cat, Genet, and Caracal.

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