Hunting Areas:Zimbabwe




West Nicholson is named after Andy Nicholson, an early prospector who entered the country with the Pioneer Collumn and was responsible for mining exploration in the area. 

West Nicholson is located about halfway between Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo, and the border town to South Africa, Beitbridge, along the main road and rail link to South Africa. I is also located in the  province of Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe.


The Conservancy in South Eastern Zimbabwe is the largest privately owned reserve in Africa. The concession is renowned for magnificent leopard, buffalo and plains game trophies and home to the Big Five.Created in 1991, it is comprised of 21 adjacent properties with no internal fencing, totaling 900,000 acres.  Clients will have exclusive access to 100,000 acres within the unspoilt African Bushveld.


The camp offers thatched chalets with bathrooms en-suite. There are 220v power supply from a generator.  Please bring the necessary converters.A daily laundry service is provided, so no need to bring an extensive supply of clothing. An experienced caterer and hostess with a full compliment of camp staff will see to your every need. All food and beverages are included.


High quality, personalized safaris in an area that has a very healthy and diverse range of species.Plains game species include:  Zebra, Kudu, Waterbuck, Sable, Eland, Nyala, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Impala, Bushbuck, Warthog, Bush Pig, Duiker, Klipspringer and Baboon, as well as the nocturnal species.The varied habitat and protection of the area ensures that the animals continue to thrive and as a bonus there is great fishing in a well-stocked dam with Florida Bass and Bream.

Fully licensed Professional Hunters, trackers and skinners will guide you through a top-quality hunting experience using 4×4 vehicles for transport. We conduct field preparation of your trophies, which will be professionally handled and dispatched with minimum delay.

We customize the safari to suit your needs. If we are unable to provide trophies required, we have extensive contacts within the region, and are able to move to different areas to give you the best opportunities for your safari of a lifetime.Best hunting dates are March through early November.

Getting there ?

Access to the concession is by light aircraft or road transfer from Harare International Airport. 250 Miles by road or a 1hr flight and we strongly recommend taking a charter flight.Be sure to contact your doctor for Malaria prophylactics.  Also, please remember any personal medications necessary.


Renowned for its big leopard and comprises of impressive bushveld and granite hills. The area delivers big Tom leopards with various plains game opportunities including wildebeest, impala, waterbuck, zebra and eland.

The hunting camps we use are comfortable and true Zimbabwe style with comfortable chalets and lounge/dining areas.  The leopards roam various Live Stock areas and and have plenty of food around, hence the big Tom’s.

A 14 day leopard hunts on bait costs around $25,000. Hounds will add another $6,500.  (Transfer fees not included).

The camps are comfortable and has all the facilities that you can expect from nice camp in Zimbabwe. Big cats from 170 to 200 lbs can be expected.

The area  also offers Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Impala,Giraffe, Zebra, Steenbok, Duiker, Sharpes Grysbok, Klipspringer, Bushpig, Warthog, Livingston’s Eland, Baboon and there are nocturnal species incl. Honey Badger , Civet cat, Serval Cat, Genet, and Caracal.


The Main camp is set in a riverine forest along the Bubi River in Zimbabwe. It allows you to relax in the bush. We invite you to make yourself at home here. Take a walk along the river, watch the birds, have a swim in the pool, or just relax in pleasant surroundings.

The camp consists of a central thatched building with a open air 2nd floor dining area, a full ground floor bar and relaxing area with large open air fire pit. There are six thatched chalets, each with a shower and toilet en suite. We have a limited bar selection for your enjoyment, but you are free to bring your own drinks.

Dinners are a casual affair around our large dining table, where you meet with other interesting hunter from all over the World.

The area is a mainly a great leopard and elephant hunting area, but cape buffalo, crocodile, hippo and many other plains-game species and small cats are also available to hunt.


Zimbabwe provides a rare and lovely combination of wild places, spectacular and varied wildlife, natural wonders, many adventure activities, a functioning infrastructure and friendly people.This privately owned safari area of 32,000 acres is located close to Bulawayo. Fantastic for leopard, sable and plains game – a piece of African paradise !

Rifle & bow hunting – with 13 blinds, some ground level and some on stilts, built around waterholes


There is a reasonable population of the common species of plains game but in general this is not a plains game area. There is a good population of elephant [generally small tusks], buffalo, hippopotamus, crocodiles, impala, klipspringer, bushbuck and kudu, plenty of hyena, monkey and baboons but also some warthog, waterbuck, duiker and zebra. It is not fenced. Probably now one of the biggest of such free roaming areas in the country.


Sijarira is a foretsry commission area (25,600ha). Rugged, hilly country with a reasonable network of roads but some areas are only accessible on foot. Hunting is mainly by vehicle, a good deal of footwork and sometimes by boat. Access to Sijarira camp is by road from the Hwange – Binga road to the west. Five hours drive from either Bulawayo or Victoria Falls and there is a registered airstrip right next to camp.

Accommodations are stilted units wood under thatch. Each unit has on suite bathrooms with wash hand basin, toilet and a shower. Hot & cold running water. Generated 220 v electricity. There is wireless internet in camp and cell phone signal in a few spots around the area. Good signal from the Zambian towers from camp.

Chete is situated on the eastern border of Sijarira. It is a national park hunting area (108,100ha) and one of Zimbabwe’s most rugged concessions. Its hilly country means that the area is not well developed in terms of roads therefore some areas are only accessible on foot. Hunting is mainly by vehicle, sometimes by boat, and a good deal of footwork.

Access to the Chete area is either by road from the Hwange – Binga road to the west ( six to seven hours drive from either Bulawayo or Victoria Falls ) or by boat via Sijarira. There is registered airstrip a few kilometers from camp

The private camp with lodge facilities on the shores of lake Kariba is mainly used for crocodile & hippo which are hunted in the Binga council areas. They are both plentiful. The camp is also used as a fishing camp.

Accommodations are comfortable brick thatched units. Each bungalow has an en-suite bathroom with wash hand basin, toilet and a shower. (Hot & cold running water). National electricity 220v. There is cell phone signal.

The area is a National Parks Hunting Block in the Northwest of Zimbabwe. It lies on the Zambezi Escarpment and runs down to the Zambezi Valley Floor up to the Zambezi River, between some of the largest wilderness areas in Zimbabwe with the Famous Mana Pools National Park on its Eastern Boundary.

The area is accessible by road from Harare with the international airport 300km away. Lake Kariba is approximately 50km away. The small town of Kariba is located near the dam wall and has a small airport for charters. The hunting area is approximately 220,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness with no fences or human habitation.

Terrain varies from hill country to flat lands along the Zambezi Floor. Lots of natural springs and rivers holds water all year long making it the perfect habitat for wildlife. There are lots of groups of Dagga Boys as well as large herds of Cape Buffalo. Both lion and leopard thrive in the area and elephant constantly migrate through the area, with some resident elephants always in the area. Various plains game such as Sable, Kudu, Impala, Eland, duiker, klipspringer, Warthog, Zebra and others are available in this awesome area!


The hunting area is situated at the Southern Border of the Gonarezhou National Park and in Zimbabwe. The area is a large hunting area and stretches 74km along the Parks border. It is well known for elephant and Cape Buffalo hunting. The best elephant hunting dates are April through August. The area also has good Cape Buffalo and lots of dagga-boys (Old Bulls) roaming in smaller herds. Cape buffalo hunting in this area is better later in the year namely August, September and October, as the foliage are much less in this dense hunting area.

The concession lies just East of Nuanetzi and covers almost 80 000 acres of unfenced wildlife. Experience a true dangerous game hunt with free roaming elephant, leopard and cape buffalo. There are lots of good dagga-boy Cape Buffalo, but it is recommended to come in the later season starting July August for good success. Other species roaming freely include nyala, kudu, impala, Blue wildebeest , Zebra, klipspringer, Sharpes Grysbuck, Spotted Hyena and small cats.   It is a true dangerous game area.  

The camp is situated on a hill and are comfortable and a typical Zimbabwean Camp.

This hunting area is approximately 100,000 acres with a 60 km boundary with Hwange National Park. Deka is a predominantly a big game area with good Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard and Lion.  The average Elephant trophy size is between 40-50lbs with a chance of over 50lbs.  There is limited plains game but this area has very good Kudu and Bushbuck.

The camp is situated by a dry river overlooking a small waterhole, which is frequented by bushbuck, cape buffalo, elephant, kudu, and lots of baboons. Apart from the fore mentioned animals, bushpig, duiker, eland, hyena, impala, klipspringer, lion, sable, steenbuck, warthog, waterbuck and zebra can be successfully hunted here. The camp consists of 4 bungalows with comfortable beds and a private bathroom. In addition, the camp comprises of a common dining/lounge area with a bar and of-course a great camp fire. no roaming and no mobile signal. There is cell phone signal 20 minutes from the camp but the signal is very unstable and cannot be guaranteed. Power is from the 220v grid with generator as backup.

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Bulawayo airport is a two hour drive from this camp. Accommodations are comfortable brick units. Each bungalo has an en-suite bathroom with bath or shower. Hot & cold running water with national electricity 220 v. power. There is fair cell phone signal in several spots. 

This too is primarily a free range elephant area (144,200ha). It is not fenced. The Elephant tusk weight on average is lower here but they are normally in abundance and only bulls. The average trophy is approximately 40lb. In the past ten years we haven’t yet shot an elephant less than 38lb and were lucky to get a single tusker of 73lb. All the “normal” species of plains game are available.

Plenty of baboon eland, giraffe, hyena, impala, monkey, steenbuck, warthog, wildebeest and zebra. Other species available include bushbuck, bushpig, duiker, jackal, kudu, leopard, sable, tsesebe,  and waterbuck. There are unfortunately no buffalo.

This free range area (102,900ha) borders the famous Hwange National Park. The area is about four to five hours drive from Bulawayo and five hours from Victoria Falls. Accommodations are comfortable brick units. Each has on suite bathrooms with wash hand basin, toilet and a shower. Hot & cold running water. All with National electricity 220v. There is wireless cell phone signal in a few spots.

It is really a big game area, primarily elephant. The average trophy is around 47 – 50lb but every year a few big boys are taken, up to 90lb. All the “normal” species of plains game are available. To hunt 8 to 10 species of plains game in ten days is very do-able.